Xiu Xiu

Oh No

Double LP coloured

For nearly two decades, Xiu Xiu has made music for the moments when life’s harsh realities meet its existential mysteries. A profound sense of emotional vulnerability weaves its way throughout the dozen albums the group has made, but also a spirit of openness and experimentalism as they peer into the sonic unknown, creating moments of catharsis by harnessing bursts of noise and other uncommon sounds. They have collaborated with confessional songwriters like Mitski and avant-garde composers like Charlemagne Palestine, displaying an uncommon fluency in both worlds. Singer and songwriter Jamie Stewart’s lyrics are often veiled in layers of metaphor, but his delivery always suggests urgency and intimacy, that there’s a universal truth that cuts deep. Xiu Xiu makes beautiful music for hard times.

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Xiu Xiu Oh No
  • 1.Sad Mezcalita
  • 2.I Cannot Resist
  • 3.The Grifters
  • 4.Goodbye For Good
  • 5.OH NO
  • 6.Rumpus Room
  • 7.Fuzz Gong Fight
  • 8.I Dream of Someone Else Entirely
  • 9.One Hundred Years
  • 10.A Classic Screw
  • 11.It Bothers Me All The Time
  • 12.Saint Dymphna
  • 13.Knock Out
  • 14.A Bottle of Rum [3:11]
  • 15.ANTS

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