Young and Cool


The second full length album of joyous emo-fuelled power-pop from Bristol's Woahnows.

Young and Cool is a collection of clever indie, punk and power pop with rough edges and just the right amount of experimentation to take the album beyond genre expectations. The pushing of genre boundaries is continued with lyrical tone and focus, there is no hetero-normative narrative within these songs instead a fluidity of gender joins the fluidity of genre to create something truly special and forward thinking. - Vulture Hound, Ben Adsett

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Woahnows Young and Cool
  • 1.Something To Regret
  • 2.World Explodes
  • 3.No One Else
  • 4.Your Dreams
  • 5.Hippy Shit
  • 6.I Know I Knooow
  • 7.And Breathe
  • 8.Dipping Out
  • 9.You Explaining
  • 10.Skin Peels
  • 11.Whatever Works
  • 12.Cold

Item code: SPS072V
Label: Specialist Subject
Info correct on: 20/5/2020