Born A Cynic


The debut full length album from Bristol-based punk rockers, Weatherstate.

Nostalgic yet fresh, with a sound that lands them somewhere between early old-school Green Day, Weezer and The Menzingers; Weatherstate is a band bringing together punks old and new. This highly-anticipated debut takes everything learnt on the band's "Dumbstruck" EP and multiplies it by 100. "Born A Cynic" is a 33 minute rallying cry to a generation staring their uncertain future in the face. Triumphant, unafraid and catchy as hell, the once ugly duckings of the pop-punk world have truly become swans across the length of this full length punk-rock masterclass.

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Weatherstate Born A Cynic
  • 1.Ghost
  • 2.Brain Dead
  • 3.Barely Human
  • 4.Rotten Lungs
  • 5.Arteries
  • 6.Sympathy
  • 7.Medicate
  • 8.Emma-Lynn
  • 9.Nothing Matters If You Try
  • 10.Rented Space
  • 11.Cynic

Cat no: weatherstateLP1
Label: Failure By Design
Info correct on: 29/3/2019