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The third full length album from the infectious and genre-fusing WATERPARKS.

“Hopeless said, ‘Hey, can we come and hear stuff?’ And I was so apprehensive, because it’s a weird thing for someone to come in and hear something that’s unfinished,” Awsten said. “I didn’t want anyone to say it wasn’t ready, because it’s like, ‘No shit!’ But people from Hopeless came in and were listening and going, ‘Holy fuck!’ I explained what I wanted to do and how I wanted this album to be: I want every song to be the best fucking song, and I want them to be able to all live in different worlds. Like if we’re referring to playlists or anything like that, I want every one of these songs to be able to just live on its own in a completely different fan base, you know what I mean? That’s the idea behind this. There’s one song that could have been considered a little bit pop-punk, and I was like, ‘Fuck this!’ So we just changed it up. We get on all the playlists that are like, ‘Pop-Punk Forever!’ and I’m just like, ‘Meh, I guess…’ I just want every song to be able to live comfortably with completely different sets of people. That’s a cool, conscious thing that I’m really excited about.”

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Label: Hopeless Records
Info correct on: 23/4/2020