Venetian Snares

Greg Hates Car Culture (20th Anniversary Edition)

Double LP

Greg Hates Car Culture was Venetian Snares' first ever vinyl release. Long out of print, it came out in 1999, as the third release on Minneapolis label History Of The Future. Aaron Funk's hallmarks were there from the start. His absurdist sense of humour, the razor sharp edits and his use of odd time-signatures. There is a rawness here, not often captured on later records, where you can imagine Aaron playing live in front of a room full of young breakcore fanatics. Indeed most of the tracks here were recorded live, tweaking his effects and EQ on the fly, to DAT from his Amiga. The album opens with "Personal Discourse", recorded in 1997, which samples Aaron calling into a Dominatrix live on community cable TV, while "Fuck A Stranger In The Ass" samples from the film The Big Lebowski. The track "Aqap" has a different sound to the others having been recorded later, in 1998, on Aaron's first PC. We have also added three hitherto unreleased 1997 tracks to this reissue. Two of them "Eating America.." and "Punk Kids" appeared on Venetian Snares rare self-released 1998 cassette Spells and the long sought after "Milk" was only passed around by his friends.

Greg Hates Car Culture lets you hear the raw energy of a musician at the birth of his sound.

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Venetian Snares Greg Hates Car Culture (20th Anniversary Edition)
  • 1.Personal Discourse
  • 2.Like Tooth Decay
  • 3.Fuck A Stranger In The Ass
  • 4.Point Blank
  • 5.Boiled Angel
  • 6.Cricket Spine Bin
  • 7.Aqap
  • 8.Milk
  • 9.Eating America With Pointed Dentures
  • 10.Punk Kids

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