Vacant Home

Reflect, Respond


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A 7-tracker from the Australian melodic-hardcore group Vacant Home. Fans of Departures, Casey, More Than Life and Touche Amore should check this out.

Vacant Home is here to remind you that post-hardcore is not going away any time soon. “Reflect, Respond” is such an appropriate title for this EP. There are moments where it causes the listener to think and to reflect on their own decisions and if they’re going through some struggles, you feel what they’re going through! The music is arranged to where if a point is urgent to get across, the arrangement allows for that. “Reflect, Respond” seems to be a concept EP where it goes through the struggles that one faces and that it’s sometimes passed down like an “Heirloom” or where one is in despair trying to find that “Inner Peace” and that solace that one might desperately need.

Vacant Home Reflect, Respond
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  • 1.Lament
  • 2.Bliss
  • 3.Inner Peace
  • 4.Shiver
  • 5.Back Bay
  • 6.Reflect, Respond
  • 7.Heirloom

Item code: MLR-BR-010
Label: Mutant League Records
Info correct on: 10/9/2020