Tommy Guerrero

Soul Food Taqueria

Double LP

It's rare that a certain sound is entirely an artist's own. Although undeniably a stew of impeccable influences – from blues to folk to Latin to dusty funk, soul and hip-hop – one cannot hear a Tommy Guerrero song without immediately recognising it as his - and his only.

Soul Food Taqueria continued Guerrero's guitar soul but represented a step forward with its polished production and greater complexity of instrumentation. Denied the promotion it deserved upon release, it flew under the radar. It is now the most wanted record of his wondrous back catalogue.

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Tommy Guerrero Soul Food Taqueria
  • 1.Intro Lectric Chile Goat
  • 2.Abierto
  • 3.Organism
  • 4.Thank You MK
  • 5.Tatanka
  • 6.Interlude Train Of Thought
  • 7.It Gets Heavy
  • 8.Thin Brown Layer
  • 9.Interlude So Many Years Ago
  • 10.Terra Unfirma
  • 11.Gettin' It Together
  • 12.Another Brother Gone
  • 13.Broken Blood
  • 14.Interlude And The Day Goes By
  • 15.Lost Unfound
  • 16.The Color Of Life
  • 17.Falling Awake

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