Tim Koh

In Your Dreams

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LP + 7" + Tote Bag mulberry Dinked Edition
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'Dinked Edition' is on 'mulberry' coloured vinyl, includes an exclusive 7", an environmentally friendly tote bag and a signed/numbered print. /350. For avoidance of doubt, the centre is a standard spindle size, and not dinked.

The new full length album from the renowned composer, multi-instrumentalist, producer and visual artist Tim Koh. Released via Tim Burgess' O Genesis Recordings label.

In Your Dreams is Tim’s most straightforward and accessible release to date, and an exciting addition to his body of solo work, which hitherto can broadly be described as experimental noise. The poignant song collection tackles core themes of life’s calamities, broken love, and transitory relationships, yet counterbalances its essential melancholy with a whimsical, upbeat, and playful spirit throughout. While not strictly autobiographical, the songs draw from Tim’s recent personal experiences during his two-year isolation from friends and family, and create a compelling narrative of alienation, loss, and love.

Tim wrote In Your Dreams in Amsterdam, L.A., and London in-between his time touring with Ariel Pink, and subsequently recorded the songs at home in Amsterdam while recovering from a near-fatal 2018 accident. The recurring hospitalizations that Tim has endured in recent years subtly find their way into the album through phone recordings from Tim’s actual hospital stints, underscoring the album’s themes on this highly personal work. In Your Dreams deftly juxtaposes lush, densely layered sounds with stark simplicity through a series of quick turnarounds, creating the captivating feeling of tension and release that characterizes this remarkable song collection.

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Tim Koh In Your Dreams
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Label: O Genesis
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