This Will Destroy You

New Others Part One


The hugely anticipated fifth album from the post-rock titans This Will Destroy You, smouldering mixes of ambience with huge and crashing instrumentation plus a deep and emotive sound. Anyone into the likes of Explosions In The Sky, Mogwai, Caspian or Mono should definitely get amongst this. Production, engineering and mixing duties were handled by John Congleton who they worked with for their acclaimed self-titled record. LP is pressed on random coloured vinyl.

Fans of previous work know what to expect, with the band deviating from the chosen path slightly from record to record: post-rock leaning into the heavier and psychedelic end of things, all with a strong emotional core and a understanding of drama. One minute it'll tug at your heart strings and the next you'll be banging your head.

"Inside, purchasers will find a highly unusual extra insert featuring a QR code that will certainly take the bold on a journey involving their browser, their phone, and their full capacity for the esoteric."

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This Will Destroy You New Others Part One
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Item code: TWDYLP5
Label: Dark Operative
Info correct on: 29/4/2020