The new album from Jazz / Tuba wizard, Theon Cross.

Refusing to be shackled by the confines of Jazz, the album draws on London’s vivacious cutural heritage, dipping in and out of grime, afrobeat, electronic, dub, dancehall and Jamaican roots music.

An enormous, swaggering bass emanates from Theon’s magnificent horn, evoking sweaty clubnights where dance floor bangers sit side by side with intricate arrangements.

Irresistibly inventive, while at once both serious and witty - Theon Cross plays Tuba like no-one else.

Theon Cross Fyah
  • 1.Activate
  • 2.The Offerings
  • 3.Radiation
  • 4.Letting Go
  • 5.Candace of Meroe
  • 6.Panda Village
  • 7.CIYA
  • 9.LDN's Burning

Cat no: GB1550CD
Label: Gearbox Records
Info correct on: 8/1/2019