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Triple 12"
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Expected 21st October 2020

The new Triple 12" record from the acclaimed Theo Parrish.

The inimitable Theo Parrish is in a class of one. His brand of music is impossible to categorise as it draws on so many unique sounds in so many unique ways. This new album is another spellbinding affair that takes scuffed up house rhythms and intertwines them with freeform percussive patterns and off-grid synths that get pulled apart then rebuilt before your very ears. It is experimental music with an improvised jazz mindset that can range from complex and dense tapestries like 'Radar Detector' to the more upbeat and playful 'Hennyweed Buckdance' via fucked up drum sketches like 'All Your Boys Are Biters.'

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Theo Parrish Wuddaji
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  • 1.Hambone Cappuccino
  • 2.Radar Detector
  • 3.This Is For You with Maurissa Rose
  • 4.Wuddaji
  • 5.Hennyweed Buckdance
  • 6.Angry Purple Birds
  • 7.Who Knew Kung Fu
  • 8.All Your Boys Are Biters
  • 9.Knew Better Do Better

Item code: SS079
Label: Sound Signature
Info correct on: 28/9/2020