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Mixtape EP


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With a slew of floor-stomping hits and sold-out shows, 2019 saw The Snuts cement their place as one of the UK’s most exciting new bands. The band continue their rapid rise in 2020 with their dance-pit anthem Fatboy Slim and the release of their brand-new Mixtape EP on Parlophone Records.

Packed with hooks and a groove that will drive even the most reluctant to the dancefloor, Fatboy Slim is set to be the anthem across the nation’s fields this summer. Speaking of the track lead singer Jack Cochrane said, ‘The song is a nod to the nostalgic subculture of live music across the UK in the 90s and similar decades. Toying with the idea of sampled drum loops and an electronic music styled structure the track is intended to pay homage to Fatboy Slims notorious set at Brighton beach almost 15 years ago’.

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The Snuts Mixtape EP
  • 1.Fat Boy Slim
  • 2.Interlude 1
  • 3.Coffee & Cigarettes
  • 4.Interlude 2
  • 5.All Your Friends
  • 6.Interlude 3
  • 7.Boardwalk
  • 8.Don't Forget It (Punk) - Demo

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