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Edit 2:  Just received this message  "The guys are having spotty internet so they asked me to email you for them. They've received enough donations to cover most of their losses and would like to close the donations, so as not to take more than they lost.." - thats a mark that they are the dudes we always knew they were.  so we've stopped takin donations now and will pass on the cash to the band at the Kingston show on Saturday.  The final amount raised via this was £1660.  Its a measure of much they're loved that so many people wanted to contribute.

Edit: Wow, thats rad.  It took about 30 minutes to run out of the doubled up donations.  We as a business cant afford to keep matching the donations, but we'll leave the £5  (non matched) donations up if anyone else wants to get involved.  These aren't limited.  But we're putting a limiter on so we can see how its doing.  We've already got £500 to handover.  Lets see how it goes!

The counter was set to 300.  This means that if we get to '0' left then we'll have £2000 to give to the band.  The support has been overwhelming.  Its a great thing to see!

The Menzingers are one of our fave bands and the best dudes.  So it makes us sad and angry to hear they got robbed last night in Manchester. We wanna help.   We're sure a lot of you wanna help. Here's what we can do.

Donate £5 to them now, and we'll match that donation so between us we give them £10. We'll do this up to 25 times (so if we get £250 in donations from the punks of the UK then we'll be able to give them £500 on Saturday's Kingston show).

Not really sure of the ins and outs of how they're getting on but @themenzingers' twitter will keep you informed.  

If punk-rock is about anything then it's community and helping people out. So lets do this and at least give them something to help the $10,000 shortfall they're currently facing.  If by some miracle / good work they get their stuff back, then obviously we'll refund anyone.

so it goes... hope it comes back

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