The Hotelier


Double LP

Third album from The Hotelier! We love these guys, ace emo / post-hardcore influenced punk. There is something in these guys for fans of Modern Baseball, Saves The Day, The World Is A Beautiful Place, You Blew It! and early Taking Back Sunday

It is not enough to say that The Hotelier have grown older, or wiser, or more of anything. We can trace a progression, if we like, from the explosive empowerment of It Never Goes Out to the ashen disillusionment of Home, Like Noplace Is There. We can follow an awakening of youth in suburbia attempting to learn what is right, and what is ours, and what is possible and impossible, and maybe we can't save each other like we thought we once could. We're awake and we're tired and we want love in our lives again. And so we find ourselves now in Goodness, in the woods outside of the suburbs, trying to re-learn that love.

the hotelier in Kingston!

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The Hotelier Goodness
  • 1.N 43 59' 38.927" W 71 23' 45.27''
  • 2.Goodness Pt. 2
  • 3.Piano Player
  • 4.N 43 33' 55.676" W 72 45' 11.914"
  • 5.Two Deliverances
  • 6.Settle The Scar
  • 7.Opening Mail For My Grandmother
  • 8.N 42 6' 3.001" W 71 55' 3.295"
  • 9.Soft Animal
  • 10.Sun
  • 11.You In This Light
  • 12.Fear Of Good
  • 13.End Of Reel

Cat no: goodness
Label: Tiny Engines
Info correct on: 5/11/2019