The Homeless Gospel Choir

This Land Is Your Landfill

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The new full length album from the excellent folk-punk-rocker The Homeless Gospel Choir, freshly signed to Hassle Records.

Derek Zanetti is a singer/songwriter from Pittsburgh, PA. Since 2009, he has travelled all over the world singing acoustic punk rock protest songs under the moniker, The Homeless Gospel Choir. Many of his songs address issues such as global politics, addiction, and the on- going crisis of mental health with the aim to make punk rock a home base where everyone belongs.

“All day long your phone is begging for your attention. Advert after advert. Expand your business. Gated lifestyle communities. Latte art contests. The perfect 3rd birthday for some rich kid in Martha’s Vineyard. All the people you know and don’t know are selling you their best 30 seconds a day as a branded commodifiable good that you can also purchase through PayPal. Skinny people in a bathing suit doing yoga during sunset, or everyone you’ve ever known at the MISFITS reunion show except you. This song was written as an encouragement to remember that I can only be myself, and that’s an important thing to be.” - Derek Zanetti on the single 'Don't Compare'.

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The Homeless Gospel Choir This Land Is Your Landfill
  • 1.Global Warming
  • 2.Don't Compare
  • 3.Social Real Estate
  • 4.Art Punk
  • 5.You Never Know
  • 6.Young and in Love
  • 7.Lest We Forget
  • 8.A Dream About the Internet
  • 9.Blind Faith
  • 10.Figure It Out
  • 11.Punk as Fuck

Item code: HOFF338CDA
Label: Hassle Records
Info correct on: 8/5/2020