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In March 2020 Loose will release The Handsome Family's first two records, Odessa (1995) Milk & Scissors (1996), on vinyl LP. This will be the first time these records have been released in Europe.

The Handsome Family Odessa
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  • 1.Here's Hopin
  • 2.Arlene
  • 3.Pony
  • 4.One Way Up
  • 5.Water into Wine
  • 6.Giant Ant
  • 7.Everything That Rises Must Converge
  • 8.Gorilla
  • 9.The Last
  • 10.Claire Said
  • 11.Moving Furniture Around
  • 12.Big Bad Wolf
  • 13.She Awoke With A Jerk
  • 14.Happy Harvest

Cat no: VJCD253
Label: Loose
Info correct on: 25/2/2020