The Goo Goo Dolls

Topography [RSD19]

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The global vinyl debut of the albums Let Love In, Gutterflower, and Something For the Rest of Us. This
five-vinyl set also includes the triple-platinum classic Dizzy Up The Girl and Magnetic. Each vinyl comes in a different
color sheathed in its own slipcase.

Full Length Vinyl 1
Side A
01 Dizzy
02 Slide
03 Broadway
04 January Friend
05 Black Balloon
06 Bullet Proof
07 Amigone

Side B
01 All Eyes on Me
02 Full Forever
03 Acoustic #3
04 Iris
05 Extra Pale
06 Hate This Place

Full Length Vinyl 2
Side A
01 Big Machine
02 Think About Me
03 Here Is Gone
04 You Never Know
05 What a Scene
06 Up, Up, Up

Side B
01 It's Over
02 Sympathy
03 What Do You Need?
04 Smash
05 Tucked Away
06 Truth Is a Whisper

Full Length Vinyl 3
Side A
01 Stay with You
02 Let Love In
03 Feel the Silence
04 Better Days
05 Without You Here

Side B
01 Listen
02 Give a Little Bit
03 Can't Let It Go
04 We'll Be Here (When
You're Gone)
05 Strange Love
06 Become

Full Length Vinyl 4
Side A
01 Sweetest Lie
02 As I Am
03 Home
04 Notbroken
05 One Night
06 Nothing Is Real

Side B
01 Now I Hear
02 Still Your Song
03 Something for the Rest
of Us
04 Say You're Free
05 Hey Ya
06 Soldier

Full Length Vinyl 5
Side A
01 Rebel Beat
02 When the World Breaks
Your Heart
03 Slow It Down
04 Caught in the Storm
05 Come to Me
06 Bringing on the Light

Side B
01 More of You
02 BulletProofAngel
03 Last Hot Night
04 Happiest of Days
05 Keep the Car Running

Vinyl Details:
Dizzy Up The Girl Clear & Solid Purple Mixed
Gutterflower Gold & Solid Red Mixed
Let Love In Solid Silver
Something For The Rest Of Us Clear
Magnetic Transparent Green & Solid Yellow

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The Goo Goo Dolls Topography [RSD19]
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