LP easter yellow

LP is on 'easter yellow' coloured vinyl.

The fifth full length album from the phenominal and adored The Early November, released via Rise Records. Following on from 2015's ImbueLilac gravitates towards a poppier-fuelled sound whilst still keeping their signature and raw emo / alt-rock sound.

“I Dissolve,” an atmospheric slow-burner that fuses together jangly acoustic guitars, post-rocky vibes, and soaring pop hooks. It’s a very cool song that’s really not like much else the band has ever done, but with an instant sense of familiarity thanks to Ace Enders’ unmistakable voice. As for the song’s heavy lyrical content, Ace explains:

"It’s uncomfortable for people to talk to others about their depression. They will often say “things will be okay” or “you’ll be fine” so that the topic can be moved on from. For some people that is a very unrealistic thought though and feels dismissive. Listen to your friends and loved ones when they reach out. It takes a lot of courage to do so. You don’t need to have all the answers but listening goes a long way and means a lot."

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