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Live At The Brudenell Social Club

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Released December 15th.

Whoa. A 3-disc DVD of Jon's album-of-2007ers The Cribs. The band perform three live sets at The Brudenell Social Club in Leeds, playing every song the band has ever released, basically. They even play their cover of 'Bastards Of The Young'! Amazing. Hopefully the DVD includes the now-infamous "Jarman Vs Barman" competition a pint-pulling competition between a Crib and a staff member of The Brude.

Main Set:
1. The Watch Trick
2. You Were Always The One
3. The Lights Went Out
4. You & I
5. Things You Should Be Knowing
6. Another Number
7. What About Me
8. Learning How To Fight
9. Tri'Elle
10. Baby Don't Sweat
11. Direction
12. Third Outing

Bonus Set:
1. On The Floor
2. Death To The Dead Bodies
3. Feelin' It!
4. I Gotta Go To L.A.
5. Song From Practice 1

Main Set:
1. Hey Scenesters!
2. I'm Alright Me
3. Martell
4. Mirror Kissers
5. We Can No Longer Cheat You
6. It Was Only Love
7. The New Fellas
8. Hello? Oh...
9. The Wrong Way To Be
10. Haunted
11. Things Aren't Gonna Change

Bonus Set:
1. Happy's Just A State Of Mind And A State Of Mind Is Just Electrical Impulses
2. You're Gonna Lose Us
3. It Happened So Fast
4. North Of England
5. I'm Still Blaming You
6. Saturday Night Facts Of Life
7. To Jackson
8. I Was Her Man But I Done Her Wrong
9. Advice From A Roving Artist

Main Set:
1. Our Bovine Public
2. Girls Like Mystery
3. Men's Needs
4. Moving Pictures
5. I'm A Realist
6. Majors Titling Victory
7. Women's Needs
8. I've Tried Everything
9. My Life Flashed Before My Eyes
10. Be Safe
11. Ancient History
12. Shoot The Poets
13. Don't You Wanna Be Relevant?

Bonus Set:
1. Kind Words From The Broken Hearted
2. Fairer Sex
3. Tonight
4. My Adolescent Dreams
5. Run A Mile
6. Get Yr Hands Out Of My Grave
7. Bastards Of Young


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The Cribs Live At The Brudenell Social Club
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