The Copyrights

Learn The Hard Way


Illinois' young Copyrights have hit a prolific streak of creativity as of late. Two records in as many years for Red Scare, and we couldn't be happier with the results. Produced at Sonic Iguana, their latest offering to the punk scene, "Learn The Hard Way", comes gift-wrapped with buzzy guitars, upbeat rhythms, and the catchiest melodies in town. Fans of Dillinger Four, Queers, and The Lawrence Arms will especially enjoy this new release. It's Midwest punk at it's finest: smart and catchy

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The Copyrights Learn The Hard Way
  • 1.Second Hearse Same As The First
  • 2.57 North
  • 3.Charlie Birger Time
  • 4.Two Left Feet
  • 5.Headaches
  • 6.All Your People
  • 7.Switchblades
  • 8.She Turns It Up
  • 9.Solid Connex
  • 10.Out Of Ideas
  • 11.Sleepwalker
  • 12.Shit's Fucked
  • 13.Pulse Check
  • 14.On The Way Out

Cat no: CCCP119LP
Label: Red Scare
Info correct on: 3/7/2019