The Beths

Jump Rope Gazers

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The new full length album from the excellent garage-indie-rockers The Beths Following on from their acclaimed debut full length Future Me Hates Me. For fans of Breeders, Elastica and Courtney Barnett.

"If you're at a certain age, all your friends scatter to the four winds," Stokes says. "We did the same thing. When you're home, you miss everybody, and when you're away, you miss everybody. We were just missing people all the time."

With songs like the rambunctious "Dying To Believe" and the tender, shoegazey "Out of Sight," The Beths reckon with the distance that life necessarily drives between people over time. People who love each other inevitably fail each other. "I’m sorry for the way that I can’t hold conversations/They’re such a fragile thing to try to support the weight of," Stokes sings on "Dying to Believe." The best way to repair that failure, in The Beths’ view, is with abundant and unconditional love, no matter how far it has to travel. On "Out of Sight," she pledges devotion to a dearly missed friend: "If your world collapses/I’ll be down in the rubble/I’d build you another," she sings.

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The Beths Jump Rope Gazers
  • 1.I'm Not Getting Excited
  • 2.Dying to Believe
  • 3.Jump Rope Gazers
  • 4.Acrid
  • 5.Do You Want Me Now
  • 6.Out of Sight
  • 7.Don't Go Away
  • 8.Mars, the God of War
  • 9.You Are a Beam of Light
  • 10.Just Shy of Sure

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Info correct on: 7/7/2020