The Beloved

Where It Is (Special Edition)

2 CD

Although more renowned as a 90s dance / electronica pop act, with hits like Sweet Harmony, Hello and The Sun Rising, The Beloved began in the mid-80s as a 4-piece guitar-based band. 2 John Peel Sessions in 1985 were followed by 4 independent singles on the now-defunct Flim Flam label. Their debut album Where It Is was a compilation of these initially released as a vinyl LP in October 1987. The album was then released on CD in 1988 as an expanded edition, which now sells in excess of £100 on ‘Discogs’.

Step forward to 2020. All the audio has been remastered from the original analogue tapes, by John Davis at Metropolis Studios, and is reissued with a 2nd disc containing previously unreleased demo tracks.

CD1 is as per the original CD album with the addition of 3 tracks released on singles but not included on the CD, Saints Preserve Us, Having Fun, and the Stephen Street remix of Forever Dancing. It now comprises a virtual facsimile of all released singles.

CD2 comprises 16 tracks. 3 were previously available on a limited edition 7" with the vinyl album of Where It Is, 2 were alternate versions of songs on CD1 (from the original vinyl single releases) and there is a 7" version of Forever Dancing. The remaining 10 tracks are completely unheard / unreleased demos from 1983-1987.

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The Beloved Where It Is (Special Edition)

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