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The fifth full length album from the Denver duo, Tennis, following on from 2017's Yours Conditionally.

Swimmer is a tour of the darkest time in our lives. But it is not a dark record. Named for the feeling of suspension and upendedness that characterized this period, it is the story of deep-rooted companionship strengthened by pain and loss. These songs carried us through our grief. It is us at our most vulnerable, so we kept a small footprint, recording eve-rything ourselves in our home studio. I set out to describe the love I have come to know after ten years of marriage, when you can no longer remember your life before that person, when the spark of early attraction has been replaced by a gravitational pull.

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TENNIS Swimmer
  • 1.I'll Haunt You
  • 2.Need Your Love
  • 3.How To Forgive
  • 4.Runner
  • 5.Echoes
  • 6.Swimmer
  • 7.Tender As A Tomb
  • 8.Late Night
  • 9.Matrimony II

Cat no: MD7CD
Label: Mutually Detrimental
Info correct on: 14/1/2020