Contact! Contact! (re-reissue)

Double CD
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in stock now! - Naim Edge had a couple of issues meaning the album has been pushed back. When its ready Tellison will be playing a special release celebration instore!

Our prodigal sons, Tellison's debut and now (we think) somewhat indie-cult-classic album Contact! Contact! was released in 2007 on our Gravity DIP / Banquet Records label, because we thought they were (and still are) bloody awesome!

Naim Edge Records are doing a special edition, remastered version of the album which will also come with the long-out-of-print Contact! Contact! Remixed and 2 extra tracks, the single Wasps' Nest and B side Gibraltar.

Tellison's 25th Banquet show!

Banquet Start Clapping!

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Tellison Contact! Contact! (re-reissue)
  • 1.Hanover Start Clapping
  • 2.Reader
  • 3.Gallery
  • 4.Tender Is The Night
  • 5.Fire
  • 6.New York, New York, New York
  • 7.Amory
  • 8.Ambulance
  • 9.Architects
  • 10.Henry Went To Paris
  • 11.Disaster! Disaster!
  • 12.Hospital
  • 13.Hanover Start Clapping (Ginface Remix)
  • 14.Reader (Hankulator Remix)
  • 15.Gallery (Dave House Remix)
  • 16.Tender Is The Night (Zach Lipkins Remix)
  • 17.Fire (Elastik! Remix)
  • 18.New York New York New York (Arcom Remix)
  • 19.Amory (Pipe + Slippers Remix)
  • 20.Architects (Toby Benson Remix)
  • 21.Ambulance (Tellison vs. Room 253)
  • 22.Henry Went To Paris (Maybeshewill Remix)
  • 23.Disaster! Disaster! (Sonolmoss - London Found Remix)
  • 24.Hospital (Dr. D's Stray Mix)
  • 25.Wasp's Nest (Pierce Remix)
  • 26.Wasp's Nest
  • 27.Gibraltar

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Label: Naim Edge
Info correct on: 20/7/2023