Teenage Sequence

Wednesday 4th October at Banquet Records, 6:00pm

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To celebrate the release of the new album, Teenage Sequence visits Kingston to play an in-store set.

The album takes you on a musical journey through some of music’s more shadowy intersections, with proto-house, acid, krautrock, UK garage, post- punk, disco, and pop creating a soundtrack over which Soomary tell acid- tongued and relatable stories about the humiliations and alienations of modern life. What kind of stories? Well: the casual racism of a date-gone- wrong and of the music industry, the endless series of hangovers that keep you stuck as an eternal kid, the despair of living in a world on the verge of destruction, the yearning when you fall in love despite all of this. Self-aware, with a dark humour, Soomary’s lyrics are drenched in socio-political overtones— although in his view that is a byproduct of who he is rather than a deliberate statement.

“I come from a background in explicitly political bands who used music as a platform for political standpoints. Teenage Sequence isn’t that; I simply write about my life, the world as I understand it and as I’ve experienced it. If that then becomes a social or political statement— and I know it does— then it is because my existence is a social or political statement.”


In-store Grade B.

Priority will be given to anyone who orders a copy of 'Teenage Sequence' from us. If there's space on the day for more people, we'll let you know!

Admission will be via order number, please bring yours to the shop.

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Teenage Sequence Wednesday 4th October at Banquet Records, 6:00pm
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