Tangled Hair

Saturday 17th March at Banquet Records, 1:00pm

LP + ticket

Tickets and albums for collection at our shop on the afternoon of the in-store, please bring your order number with you.

The day after their debut album is released Tangled Hair play an early set in the shop.

Celebrating their long-awaited debut album, the mathy-indie trio come to Banquet for a lunchtime set, bringing their blend of intricate and clever guitar work. If you're into the likes of Tall Ships, Tellison, TTNG or American Football then give these guys a listen.

Indicative of their ability to weave moments of blissful release inside rousing, exhilarating unravellings, the band say that it’s a strong gateway to a new record they’re extremely happy with. “We are totally in love with the whole feel and sound of it,” they say about the We Do What We Can LP. “Without trying to be pretentious, the aim was always to capture the sound of ‘us’ if you get what we mean – like someone did a really really good recording of a band practice. We think we caught that.”

1:00pm start with all ages welcome. In-store Grade C.

Priority will go to those who order We Do What We Can from us.

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Tangled Hair Saturday 17th March at Banquet Records, 1:00pm
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