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A super special anniversary set from the incredible emo-rockers Taking Back Sunday, celebrating 20 years as a band, featuring 19 tracks taken from all 7 of their studio albums as well as 2 new tracks titled All Ready To Go and A Song For Dan, that hint towards the sounds that the band will be heading towards in the future.

Although the pride of Long Island have had a handful of member changes over the years, the current lineup of the band - vocalist Adam Lazzara, guitarist John Nolan, drummer Mark O'Connell and bassist Shaun Cooper - have all been there since the beginning. From the band's landmark 2002 debut 'Tell All Your Friends' to their most recent full-length, 2016's 'Tidal Wave', Taking Back Sunday have evolved from a key player in the early 2000s emo scene to a genre-defying rock band who have three gold albums without ever ceasing to push the limitations of their sound. This fact is evidenced on 'Twenty'

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Taking Back Sunday Twenty
  • 1.Cute Without The "E" (Cut From The Team)
  • 2.You're So Last Summer
  • 3.Timberwolves At New Jersey
  • 4.A Decade Under The Influence
  • 5.Set Phasers To Stun
  • 6.One-Eighty By Summer
  • 7.Liar (It Takes One To Know One)
  • 8.MakeDamnSure
  • 9.What's It Feel Like To Be a Ghost?
  • 10.My Blue Heaven
  • 11.Sink Into Me
  • 12.Everything Must Go
  • 13.Faith (When I Let You Down)
  • 14.Call Me In The Morning
  • 15.Flicker, Fade
  • 16.Better Homes and Gardens
  • 17.Tidal Wave
  • 18.You Can't Look Back
  • 19.Call Come Running
  • 20.All Ready To Go
  • 21.A Song For Dan

Item code: TBS20
Label: Concord Records
Info correct on: 15/5/2020