Various Artists


Due to its extremely complex history, Taiwan in the 70´s saw the creation of some incredibly special music in which the sounds coming at the moment from the west collided with the special sensitivity of Taiwanese musicians, creating a delicious mixture you´ll need to hear to believe. Taiwan Disco shines a light on the music created by Taiwanese women during those years (70´s and early 80´s) to present a mind-blowing collection of songs with sounds ranging from wild Funk to Space Glam, exotic Disco or fuzzed out Soul. Here´s the ticket to some crazy Taiwan nights, get those dancing shoes ready, it´s time to shake it!

TAIWAN DISCO Various Artists
  • 1.Wu Xiu Zhu
  • 2.Hua Yi Bao
  • 3.Cui Tai Jing
  • 4.Zou Juan Juan
  • 5.Chen Lan Li
  • 6.Wang Xiang Ling
  • 7.Tian Lu Lu
  • 8.Liu Guan Lin
  • 9.Wu Xiu Zhu
  • 10.Luo Yan Li
  • 11.Yu San Shan
  • 12.Zhang Bei Xin

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Info correct on: 14/1/2020