Still Corners

Strange Pleasures

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A coloured vinyl reissue of Still Corners album 'Strange Pleasures'.

Over the last two years Greg Hughes, along with singing accomplice Tessa Murray, recorded ‘Strange Pleasures’, a devastating sophomore album that’s destined to usher Still Corners to a deserved place at dream-pop’s high table.

The second album from Still Corners, ‘Strange Pleasures’ expanded and re-defined the band’s sound with twelve stunning classic dream-pop songs including hit ‘The Trip’, a six minute odyssey about travel and the open road. Complete with Tessa Murray’s lush vocals and Greg Hughes’ simmering clean-toned guitar, Mojo magazine called ‘Strange Pleasures’ a “lush intoxicating album” and Paste magazine “an album of great beauty.”

The album was captured in Hughes’ Greenwich studio, with the protean multi-tasker handling all the instruments and penning most of the lyrics. Where its predecessor soared on sugared layers of shoegazing-infused retro-futurism, ‘Strange Pleasures’ proffered a leaner, more acute extrapolation of 80s-suffused song and studio craft, navigating a sinuous trajectory between velveteen Angelo Badalamenti noir-pop torch song sophistication, ethereal Cocteau Twinsbeauty and the glacial, mellifluous territory mapped by Modern English, The Cure and The Passions.

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Still Corners Strange Pleasures
  • 1.The Trip
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  • 5.Fireflies
  • 6.Berlin Lovers
  • 7.Future Age
  • 8.Going Back To Strange
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