Spanish Love Songs

Brave Faces Etc.

Double LP regular
Double LP doublemint / white / grey - tri-stripe
Double LP cloudy kelly green Banquet Exclusive
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Double LP doublemint / white splatter Banquet Exclusive
20+ left

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Banquet exclusive LP is on 'cloudy kelly green' coloured vinyl. /300.

Banquet exclusive LP is on 'doublemint w/ heavy white splatter' coloured vinyl. /300.

A special deluxe re-do of Brave Faces Everyone from Spanish Love Songs - one of our favourite albums of 2020! Available on two Banquet exclusive colourways. Anthemic indie-punk mixed with some heartstring-tugging emo influences. If you're into the likes of The Menzingers, Tigers Jaw, The Hotelier or Modern Baseball then check this out.

Right before the one year anniversary of the album, we decided we wanted to revisit the songs the same way we had been reimagining our previous albums on our Patreon community." says singer Dylan Slocum.  "I don’t know that any of us has ever been happy with a finished album we’ve released, so this was our chance to try out some of things we didn’t get to do on the original, whether due to budget, running out of time, etc. At the same time, we saw it as a chance to challenge ourselves a bit musically, and expand the sound of the band to better reflect where we’re all at in terms of songwriting and production."

left: 'cloudy kelly green' --- right: 'doublemint w/ heavy white splatter'

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Spanish Love Songs Brave Faces Etc.
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