Sorority Noise

You're Not As ___ As You Think

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The third album from the emo group, Sorority Noise. They've visited Kingston before and we've seen first hand how visceral and captivating their music is, we can only expect the intimacy and delicacy of this third album to be an extension of their previous work.

Sorority Noise write important songs. They go to uncomfortable places, unafraid to let the darkness in – but they’re also not shy at kicking back until the sorrow subsides. They’re songs of confusion, anger, life, death, mental health and, most importantly, hope. They’re what it means to be human.

The album, produced by Mike Sapone (Brand New, Taking Back Sunday), is an emotional bulldozer - an unfiltered, inward look at the last year of the band’s life that’s filled with intimate, visceral details yet remains universally relatable. But even amidst weighty subject matter, Sorority Noise want to give you a sense of resilience: “No matter what I feel, it’s going to be OK,” Boucher says. “Things are going to be tough, but it’s going to be fine in the end – and you have to keep going because you just have to. This is how it’s going to be. You’ve just got to do it.”

here's the indies-only Sorority Noise record out this week!

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Label: Big Scary Monsters / Triple Crown
Info correct on: 17/3/2017