Skunk Anansie

An Acoustic Skunk Anansie


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Expected 23rd September- Available on CD/DVD

Recorded at  Skunk Anansie's first ever full acoustic live concert at Belgravia's Cadogan Hall, home of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, the recording sees the quartet serving up beautifully re-imagined versions of some of their best-loved songs


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Skunk Anansie An Acoustic Skunk Anansie
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  • 1.Brazen [Weep] [CD]
  • 2.Because of You [CD]
  • 3.Infidelity [Only You] [CD]
  • 4.I Hope You Get To Meet Your Hero [CD]
  • 5.Charity [CD]
  • 7.I Believed In You [CD]
  • 8.Secretly [CD]
  • 9.You Saved Me [CD]
  • 10.I Will Break You [CD]
  • 11.God Loves Only You [CD]
  • 12.You Do Something To Me [CD]
  • 13.Weak [CD]
  • 14.My Ugly Boy [CD]
  • 15.Squander [CD]
  • 16.Hedonism [Just Because You Feel Good] [CD]
  • 17.Twisted [Everyday Hurts] [CD]
  • 18.Charlie Big [CD]
  • 19.Brazen [Weep][DVD]
  • 20.Because of You [DVD]
  • 21.Infidelity [Only You] [DVD]
  • 22.I Hope You Get To Meet Your Hero [DVD]
  • 23.Charity [DVD]
  • 25.I Believed In You [DVD]
  • 26.Secretly [DVD]
  • 27.You Saved Me [DVD]
  • 28.I Will Break You [DVD]
  • 29.God Loves Only You [DVD]
  • 30.You Do Something To Me [DVD]
  • 31.Weak [DVD]
  • 32.My Ugly Boy [DVD]
  • 33.Squander [DVD]
  • 34.Hedonism [Just Because You Feel Good] [DVD]
  • 35.Twisted [Everyday Hurts][DVD]
  • 36.Charlie Big Potato [DVD]
  • 37.Fish Brain Cass [Pescatarian][DVD]
  • 38.Introduction [DVD]
  • 39.Preconception [DVD]
  • 40.Breathe [DVD]
  • 41.Cadogan Small [DVD]
  • 100.Ways To Be A Good Girl [CD]
  • 100.Ways To Be A Good Girl [DVD]

Item code: 100CDX30
Label: 100% Recordings
Info correct on: 8/7/2013