With ‘Two’ Sink Ya Teeth want to beckon in another Summer of Love. Where their self-titled debut album, released in June 2018, channelled the carefree vibes of New York’s Danceteria and Paradise Garage circa 1983, the follow-up continues in this vein but delves deeper into their world.

A world where melancholia and deep house make perfect bedfellows. Of late 70s post-punk and euphoric disco. Of rubbery staccato bass-lines and vocals that swing between sweet menace and deadpan indifference.

Sink Ya Teeth Two
  • 1.Sweetness
  • 2.Somewhere Else
  • 3.The Hot House
  • 4.Stella
  • 5.Breathe
  • 6.The Rapture
  • 7.Shut Down
  • 8.The Vaccine
  • 9.On The One
  • 10.Blue Room

Item code: HB10CD
Label: Hey Buffalo
Info correct on: 28/11/2019