Simple Minds

Rejuvenation 2001 - 2014

7 CD + DVD
6 LP Boxset

6 LP Boxset

After leaving the Virgin label, and a one-off album with Chrysalis, Simple Minds took stock and decided to make records for themselves. An album of cover versions of songs dear to Jim Kerr and Charlie Burchill, “Neon Lights”, was released in 2001, followed by “Cry” in 2002, an album of new compositions recorded in Glasgow and Sicily.

The recordings for “Black and White 050505” were completed on the 5th May 2005, hence the title. This album and “Neon Lights” and “Cry” make their first appearances on vinyl in this box set, with specially-created outer and inner sleeves, and include some exclusive bonus tracks from the CD releases.

“Graffiti Soul” continued the band’s return to the top, charting at # 10 in May 2009. “Big Music” [2 LP] was released in October 2014, charting at # 12.

All the albums are pressed on different coloured 180 gram vinyl, and the rigid slipcase features a brand new note by Jim Kerr.

7 CD + DVD

This 7 CD + DVD 12 x 12 book set features the five albums plus twenty-five bonus tracks – non-album B-sides and originally limited bonus CD tracks, including the rare album of covers “Searching For The Lost Boys” (now including a cover of T. Rex’s “Children Of The Revolution”), and the “Big Music” Bonus CD (now including the Simple Minds/Stranglers collaboration). The remixes include the four acclaimed Johnson Somerset remixes
of the singles from “Big Music”.

The DVD features the ten rare single promo videos from these albums, along with the even more rare EPKs made for the albums’ promotion.

House in a handsome 12 x 12 book, the booklet features photos and newly-written extensive and revealing album-by-album notes by Jim Kerr himself.

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Simple Minds Rejuvenation 2001 - 2014
  • 1.Gloria
  • 2.The Man Who Sold The World
  • 3.Homosapien
  • 4.Dancing Barefoot
  • 5.Neon Lights
  • 6.Hello I Love You
  • 7.Bring On the Dancing Horses
  • 8.The Needle And The Damage Done
  • 9.For Your Pleasure
  • 10.All Tomorrow's Parties
  • 11.Being Boiled
  • 12.Love Will Tear Us Apart
  • 13.Cry
  • 14.Spaceface
  • 15.New Sunshine Morning
  • 16.One Step Closer
  • 17.Face In The Sun
  • 18.Disconnected
  • 19.Lazy Lately
  • 20.Sugar
  • 21.Sleeping Girl
  • 22.Cry Again
  • 23.Slave Nation
  • 24.The Floating World
  • 25.Stay Visible
  • 26.Home
  • 27.Stranger
  • 28.Different World (
  • 29.Underneath The Ice
  • 30.The Jeweller Part 2
  • 31.A Life Shot In Black And White
  • 32.Kiss The Ground
  • 33.Dolphins
  • 34.Too Much Television
  • 35.Moscow Underground
  • 36.Rockets
  • 37.Stars Will Lead The Way
  • 38.Light Travels
  • 39.Kiss And Fly
  • 40.Graffiti Soul
  • 41.Blood Type O
  • 42.This Is It
  • 43.Shadows And Light
  • 44.Rockin' In The Free World
  • 45.Blindfolded
  • 46.Midnight Walking
  • 47.Honest Town
  • 48.Big Music
  • 49.Human
  • 50.Blood Diamonds
  • 51.Let The Day Begin
  • 52.Concrete And Cherry Blossom
  • 53.Imagination
  • 54.Kill Or Cure
  • 55.Broken Glass Park
  • 56.Spirited Away

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