Fresh Produce

LP yellow / blue

A new compilation of B-sides, re-works and some new bangers from the awesome pop-punkers Seaway.

“Fresh Produce is a release that is somewhat years in the making. It is a compilation of new and old, fresh and reworked. It has two brand new singles, a couple reimagined versions of tracks from Vacation, as well as the re-release of our 2014 EP, All In My Head. We sat on some of these songs for quite a while now, not really too sure what to do with them. It finally boiled down to us wanting to get them out there so we threw them all on one 12” for your consumption. We hope you enjoy Fresh Produce, it’s good for you.”

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Seaway’s compilation of b-sides and reworks

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Seaway Fresh Produce
  • 1.Pleasures
  • 2.Blur
  • 3.Something Wonderful (Alternate Version)
  • 4.Over (Alternate Version)
  • 5.Lula (Alternate Version)
  • 6.Slam/Shy Guys (Alternate Version)
  • 7.Just What I Needed (Cover)
  • 8.Hand In My Pocket (Cover)
  • 9.Closer (Cover)
  • 10.Your Best Friend
  • 11.Alberta
  • 12.The Let Down
  • 13.If I Came Back For You

Cat no: PNE2351
Label: Pure Noise Records
Info correct on: 18/4/2019


Pop Punk