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The second full length album from the anthemic indie-rockers Sea Girls, following on from their 2020 breakthrough album Open Your Head.

“It’s just basically me listing everything I’m pissed off with at the time. It’s anything from shit that isn’t good for me through to things I used to love, like being sick of The Beatles. It was like a ‘Fuck, I’m at the end of my tether’ kind of thing.”

“It’s not a nine to five album. It’s as you want it. You don’t want things to be too plain-sailing. We pushed it, it was emotionally difficult at times doing things so quickly and not moving around anywhere else – we were living the album you know, that was our life essentially.”

Overall, Camamile said the record feels more ambitious and “focussed” than its predecessor, showcasing himself as a far more “grown-up” person and songwriter.

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