Ryan Adams

Willow Lane

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" In this track Willow Lane, it was late night and I think me and Marshall were just jamming at PaxAm… I had a lot on my mind. I had recently come back from being in North Carolina for the first time in years reacquainting myself with my father and sister after a long time. My then wife didnt know how bored the Jacksonville Police Dept was or how menacing. I knew it well having grown up running from the cops for skateboarding and other acts of madness. I often wondered what percentage of kids I grew up with eventually just went to jail who stayed there. There is a feeling of bleak desperation in the summer there. I used to feel it and taunt it growing up when the warm lights of my Grandmothers house offered me so much love, like a shelter from this raging storm of nothingness outside. It made it strangely fun. On that trip, it was just us, me and my other-half, standing in the yard of the now empty house that belonged to my GMa, the sense of loss was tremendous. I would soon lose her neighbor and my life-long band mate and brother, Allen. We ventured back to the house, the house I moved to from South Willow Lane, this bizarre home that stood in shadow while all other house were in sunlight. The entire neighborhood was starting to fall apart. Had it always been this way? I stood over where Bully had been buried and I could feel the sharp and awful pains of missing him so much in me. Holding him in my arms. So many days of my life were just him and me, laying in the yard reading comics- me talking to him. He was my best friend. He will always be the first and most special relationship in my life. He loved me everyday and for who I was. And our connection was intense and not at all like a boy and his cat. People who comment that he was more like a human or a dog, really and no matter where I went when I left the house he would run after me, even after the car- to the point where we would have to pick him up and bring him back home. This song and this single are for him. I love you, Bully. I do it all for you. I only believe in the other side so I might hold you close once more and lay with you in the sunlight and not waste a single moment again of our time. Yes or Run is a continuation of the Blue Light sound that I have been chasing, Mike V and Charlie helped me take this raw jam that was sitting on tape and shape it into something new and it makes me so proud and so happy that we continue those crazy nights at Pax…. and Red Hot Blues was a funny accidental comedic jam, many of which happen at PaxAm, one night during the writing sessions for the self -titled record- and that’s Tal on bass and Marsh on drums. Doc Patt filled in the accordion at the end of Willow Lane- so if you cry it’s partially his fault too. Keep on Keeping On" - Ryan Adams

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