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LP + Wall Planner streetlamp orange Dinked Edition: these are limited to 1 per customer
LP - Signed Copy: these are limited to 1 per customer
CD - Signed Copy: these are limited to 1 per customer

"Dinked Edition" is on 'streetlamp orange' coloured vinyl. Packaged in an exclusive alternative sleeve and includes a Rozi deisgned 2023 Wall Planner. hand-numbered /500. For avoidance of doubt, the centre is a standard spindle size, and not dinked.  

Over the course of four albums, Rozi Plain’s hypnotic, gently askew songs have steadily sauntered their way from her birthplace of Winchester, reverberated through the bustling Bristol DIY scene, to where they now emanate from London’s creative epicentre. Acquiring a worldliness that's reflected in her travels as a touring musician, each consecutive release has broached new sonic territory, whilst retaining a home-grown intimacy and a familial warmth of spirit. 

On Prize, her upcoming fifth long-player, due for release on Memphis Industries on 13 January 2023, Rozi’s unique, heart-felt approach continues to prevail, marking her as one of our most innovative and engaging songwriters.

At the core of Rozi’s idiosyncratic sound, there is a keening for simplicity; a recurring urge to strip things back to their essence, to reveal their innate beauty. Rozi uses hersingular unaffected vocal accompanied by an electric-guitar she built herself. Chords are broken into cyclical, meditative patterns of plucked staccato figures. These punchy, quietly complex entrancing arpeggios reel you in, crucially allowing room for reflection and collaboration. 

On Prize, Rozi has assembled her widest cast of players to create an album that not only preserves the intimacy of her signature guitar-and-vocal sound, but accentuates these moments of calm, and explosive emotion, midst a soaring, collective spirit. From the blissful vocals of This Is The Kit’s Kate Stables and Alabaster DePlume’s soft saxophone on ‘Agreeing For Two’, to the call-and response vocals on ‘Prove YourGood’; from the expansive instrumentation and ornately co-ordinated arrangements of Help' and ‘Sore’, to the sublime synth celebration explorations of ‘Painted The Room’, and the woozy jazz-inflected ‘Spot Thirteen’; there’s a sense of togetherness, and the very process of coming together, that permeates throughout the album’s ten tracks.

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Rozi Plain Prize
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  • 1.Agreeing For Two
  • 2.Complicated
  • 3.Help
  • 4.Prove Your Good
  • 5.Conversation
  • 6.Painted The Room
  • 7.Sore
  • 8.Spot Thirteen
  • 9.Standing Up
  • 10.Blink

Item code: MI0747CD
Label: Memphis Industries
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