roy ayers

Silver Vibrations

Double LP

The first vinyl reissue of just one of the neo-soul classics from Rob AyersSilver Vibrations was originally released in 1983.

'Silver Vibrations' was perhaps the last album to retain the sound of Ayers' organic 'classic' period of the latter '70s and manages to stand up well under its current re-evaluation. "Chicago", the unedited version of which is exclusive to this L.P., received considerable airplay in its time and has barely faded from earshot ever since:

"Its woozy, mysterious vibe and cosmic ruminations from Roy in the second half have certainly endured. The strutting, funky "Good, Good Music" echoes Ayers at his pre-'80s, up- tempo disco peak, sporting a grittier edge and an old-school party atmosphere. Title track "Silver Vibrations" was only ever released in the U.K., both on this album and as a single, backed with "Fast Money". Both "Lots Of Love" and "Keep On Movin'" hark back to previous times and are a pleasant listen without being at all taxing. "Smiling With Our Eyes" is mid- tempo, lilting and jazzy, with a vocal vaguely reminiscent of Stevie Wonder in places. The wistful "D.C. City", a close companion of Ubiquity's original recording of "The Third Eye" is, in many ways, quintessentially Roy Ayers."

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roy ayers Silver Vibrations
  • 1.Chicago
  • 2.Lots Of Love
  • 3.Keep On Movin'
  • 4.Silver Vibrations
  • 5.Smiling With Your Eyes
  • 6.D.C. City
  • 7.Good Good Music

Cat no: BBE493ALP
Label: BBE Music
Info correct on: 17/1/2019