Roger Harvey

Twelve Houses


Full-length from Pennsylvanian 90's influenced emo-indie-rocker Roger Harvey (also in White Wives with members of Anti-Flag) with strong nods to early Death Cab For Cutie and Neutral Milk Hotel! 

Twelve Houses, a record itself born in Pittsburgh, represents a culmination of Harvey’s collected experiences, travels, and influences. Harvey’s sharp lyrical prowess takes central stage, amidst a multitude of instrumentation and effects. A beautifully lush record saturated with horns, pedal steel guitars, unique percussion, and reverb, Twelve Houses sounds like the record Jeff Mangum (Neutral Milk Hotel) would have made if he’d grown up in the 90’s.

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Roger Harvey Twelve Houses
  • 1.One Night As An Astronaut
  • 2.City Deer
  • 3.Three Wolf Moon
  • 4.Arrow/Plane
  • 5.Lovers Can Be Monsters
  • 6.Halloween
  • 7.Sky Above Jalisco
  • 8.Tezcatlipoca
  • 9.Five Suns Song
  • 10.Psychedelic Dogs

Cat no: twelvehouses
Label: Black Numbers
Info correct on: 18/12/2015