War Music

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A new full length album from the incredible Swedish punk-rockers Refused, following on from 2015's Freedom. Their legacy and influence over modern punk music is undisputed, with the new tracks sounding full of urgency combined with the frantic hardcore-punk fuelled songwriting that we love.

Their fifth full-length studio album ‘War Music’ is a complete return to form with its catchy, heavy, melodic blend of punk rock and hardcore – all wrapped in the catchiest of hooks.  Lyrically the album pulls no punches and is quite possibly their most direct lyrical statement to date.  Quite fitting in 2019.

In the present moment, we who believe in the equal distribution of wealth in a egalitarian, ecological direct democracy, we who use gender-neutral pronouns and words like solidarity, moral responsibility, intersectionality and class warfare, we who believe in the marxist dictum... "from each according to ability, to each according to need" are on our back foot, on our backs, backed up against the wall, surrounded by enemies, our movement curtailed, our rights violated. It's been clear for some time: the sun is setting on our beliefs.? But we still believe that capitalism is cancer and we still believe it can be cured.? We still believe that the patriarchy is cancer ? and we still believe it too can be cured.? We still believe in the power of art to transform and expand the mind.? And last but by no means least:? We still believe in the total violent obliteration of the one percent.? Blood red until we're fucking dead? Let's go? //Refused

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Refused War Music
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