Real Friends

Torn in Two


Most recently dispatched: 4 October

The new EP from Real Friends, their first set of music with the new vocalist. 5 new tracks backed with re-imagined versions.

“Teeth is a very personal song for me. It touches on some of the years leading up to just before I joined Real Friends. I had gone through some of the most challenging years of my life. After sharing some of my experiences with the group and Andrew Wade, Andrew said, ‘ Ok, brutal, now let’s turn that into a song.’ ”

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Real Friends Torn in Two
  • 1.Remedy for Reality [2:44]
  • 2.Nervous Wreck [2:52]
  • 3.Teeth [3:28]
  • 4.Spinning [3:14]
  • 5.Storyteller [3:39]
  • 6.Remedy for Reality (Reimagined) [2:22]
  • 7.Nervous Wreck (Reimagined) [2:37]
  • 8.Teeth (Full Band) [3:26]
  • 9.Spinning (Reimagined) [3:17]
  • 10.Storyteller (Reimagined) [2:44]

Item code: PNE3242
Label: Pure Noise Records
Info correct on: 27/8/2021


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