Max Graef and Julius Conrad are Ratgrave. Rock is their second album - ongoing transmissions of Electronic P- Fusion from Earth. It follows a stellar debut on Funkineven’s imprint Apron. The duo’s sound palette draws inspiration from 80s funk, soul, rock and electronic but through a contemporary lens from two versatile multi- instrumentalists.

Max Graef has previously collaborated with Glenn Astro on records for Ninja Tune and both artists have previously released on Tartelet. This marks the fourth official album on Black Focus, a London label founded by Kamaal Williams.

Ratgrave Rock
  • 1.Escobar
  • 2.Theme From Metronome
  • 3.World Aid
  • 4.Instant Toothpaste
  • 5.Eternal Breeze
  • 6.Yurok
  • 7.Benz
  • 8.Dibidai
  • 9.Rock
  • 10.Bleeding To Death
  • 11.Sturf
  • 12.Alright
  • 13.Mutti Hat Gekocht

Cat no: BFR005CD
Label: Black Focus
Info correct on: 24/2/2020