Three Nights In Miami

Night 1 double LP
Night 2 LP
Night 3 LP

Prince played three consecutive nights for the opening of his Glam Slam Club, South Beach, Miami on 7th, 8th and 9th June 1994. All shows were broadcast on The Box Music Channel and feature rare music thats a must for Prince fans!.

Following notorious conflicts with his record label, which culminated in him adopting the ‘love symbol’ pseudonym, at the time he focused on performing only his newest material - as he tells the crowd, “The majority of this music will never be released. I’m not signed to a record contract. Prince is, I’m not…” 


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Prince Three Nights In Miami
  • Night 1 double LP
  • 1.Endorphinmachine
  • 2.Space
  • 3.Interactive
  • 4.Days Of Wild (Including Hair)
  • 5.Now (Including Babies Makin' Babies)
  • 6.The Most Beautiful Girl In The World (Mustang Mix)
  • 7.The Ride
  • 8.Get Wild
  • 9.Acknowledge Me
  • 10.Race
  • 11.The Jam
  • 12.Shhh
  • Night 2 LP
  • 1.Billy Jack Bitch
  • 2.The Most Beautiful Girl In The World
  • 3.Loose
  • 4.Shoop (including Sexy MF - Gett Off - Acknowledge Me)
  • 5.It's Alright
  • 6.I Believe In You
  • 7.Maybe Your Baby
  • Night 3 LP
  • 1.Drum Solo > Intro > Santana Medley
  • 2.319
  • 3.Hide The Bone
  • 4.Ripopgodazippa
  • 5.Get Wild
  • 6.Johnny

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