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Optimal Lifestyles

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The second full length album from the awesome punk-rockers Pkew Pkew Pkew, following up from + One.

Where once upon a time, Pkew Pkew Pkew were the sort of punk band who revelled in the chaos of the mosh pit, or drinking a ton of beers, things have changed. The pit feels like a workout, hangovers are crushing, and the reality is starting to set in. They aren’t going to stop, but have had the realisation these things aren’t good for them.

Their second record Optimal Lifestyles, chronicles these destructive behaviours with unflinching clarity and precision, offering no solutions, just 15 anthemic super-charged tracks of punk rock in the vein of Japandroids and The Replacements for you all to enjoy.

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Pkew Pkew Pkew Optimal Lifestyles
  • 1.Still Hangin' Out After All These Years
  • 2.I Don't Matter At All
  • 3.Point Break
  • 4.Drinkin' Days
  • 5.65 Nickels
  • 6.The Polynesian
  • 7.Skate 2
  • 8.Passed Out
  • 9.I'm Not Getting Through To You
  • 10.Mt. Alb
  • 11.The Pit
  • 12.Everything's The Same
  • 13.I Wanna See A Wolf
  • 14.Adult Party
  • 15.Thirsty and Humble

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