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The second full length album from the doom metallers Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs.

This opus sees the band entering a new phase as a sleeker yet still more dangerous swineherd, with ex-Gnod and Queer’d Science drummer Chris Morley joining the ranks and a new approach being taken to its creation. The Iggy-esque drive to dementia, Sabbath-esque squalor and Motörhead-style dirt may still be present and correct yet the songs are leaner, the longdrawn-out riff-fests sharpened into addictive hammer blows and the nihilistic dirges of yore alchemically transformed into an uplifting and inviting barrage of hedonistic abandon. 

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  • 1.GNT
  • 2.Shockmaster
  • 3.A66
  • 4.Thumbsucker
  • 5.Cake Of Light
  • 6.Gloamer

Cat no: LAUNCH150SLP
Label: Rocket Recordings
Info correct on: 4/10/2018