Petrol Girls

Cut & Stitch

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Indies exclusive LP is on transparent green coloured vinyl.

The new full length album from the awesome, riotous hardcore-punks, Petrol Girls, offering another dose of high-octane, politically and socially influenced band. Fans of Refused, War On Women, Fugazi and Bikini Kill should give this a listen.

Cut & Stitch is a patchwork of different sounds, ideas and feelings. It’s the most experimental record we’ve made so far, both musically and lyrically. Cutting and stitching is a process that can go on indefinitely - stitches are easily unpicked, new shapes can be cut, everything can be rearranged. We cut our patches off of old clothes and sew them onto something else. Continuity is an idea that underpins the record, from ‘the sound does not arrive’ to ‘we’re not finished, we never fucking will be.’ This follows on from the sentiment of our last EP, ‘The Future is Dark.’ Political change is a slow, complicated process that’s often only partly visible with hindsight. Making change is a constant collective process that never stops. Its probably impossible for us to see our place within it or to know what consequences our actions will have. It isn’t as simple or hopeless as straightforward victories and failures. - Ren Aldridge

Indies exclusive LP on transparent green vinyl

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Petrol Girls Cut & Stitch
  • 1.Intro
  • 2.The Sound
  • 3.Tangle Of Lives
  • 4.Interlude (Q&A)
  • 5.Big Mouth
  • 6.Interlude (Looming)
  • 7.Monstrous
  • 8.No Love For A Nation
  • 9.Skye
  • 10.Burn
  • 11.Talk In Tongues
  • 12.Interlude (They Say)
  • 13.Rootless
  • 14.Weather Warning
  • 15.Naive

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