Permanent Vacation X (10 Years Label Anniversary)

Various Artists

4 LP
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Celebrating 10 years of the Permanent Vacation label, they bring a big anniversary compilation of some of their biggest and favourite artists.

Permanent Vacation remains a solid constant in the obscure jungle of modern dance music, testament to which is the compilation you are holding in your hands. Benjamin Fröhlich and Tom Bioly were able to gather all the regular vacationers (including themselves) and some special guests such as Joakim or Daniel Bortz, all of whom contributed celebratory exclusives. The result features 16 tracks that are going from loud to quite, from fast to slow, from jungle to desert and thus capture the whole Permanent Vacation sound spectrum. Here we go and cin cin to the coming 100 years.

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Permanent Vacation X (10 Years Label Anniversary) Various Artists
  • CD
  • 1.Red Axes - Eastern Crown
  • 2.John Talabot - The Strange Silence
  • 3.TB & Bostro Pesopeo - Violet
  • 4.Pional - State Of Presence
  • 5.Lake People - Morrow
  • 6.Daniel Bortz - Chasing Worms
  • 7.Benjamin Frohlich - I.A.M.B.D.
  • 8.Woolfy vs Projections - Astronaut
  • 9.Mano Le Tough - Full On Spring
  • 10.Lord Of The Isles - Out Here
  • 11.Tensnake - Cielo
  • 12.Tuff City Kids - Hardlake
  • 13.Joakim - Camino De La Luna
  • 14.The Drifter - Space Ramp
  • 15.Lauer - Falling Back Up
  • 16.New Jackson - There Will Always Be This Love (Ft.Margie Jean Lewis)
  • 4 LP
  • 1.John Talabot - The Strange Silence
  • 2.Mano Le Tough - Full On Spring
  • 3.TB & Bostro Pesopeo - Violet
  • 4.New Jackson - There Will Always Be This Love (featuring Margie Jean Lewis)
  • 5.Lake People - Morrow
  • 6.Lauer - Falling Back Up
  • 7.Woolfy vs Projections - Astronaut
  • 8.Red Axes - Eastern Crown
  • 9.Joakim - Camino De La Luna (Dub Version - Vinyl Bonus Track)
  • 10.Pional - State Of Presence
  • 11.Benjamin Frohlich - I.A.M.B.D.
  • 12.Tuff City Kids - Hardlake
  • 13.The Drifter - Space Ramp
  • 14.Daniel Bortz - Chasing Worms
  • 15.Lord Of The Isles - Out Here
  • 16.Joakim - Camino De La Luna
  • 17.Tensnake - Cielo

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Label: Permanent Vacation
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