Permanent Vacation 5

Various Artists

Double LP

Every other year our compilation nerve starts itching and if scratching doesn't do the trick anymore, we start collecting music from shores around the globe for a full screen bag of goodies. In this case the result is the 5th instalment of the Permanent Vacation compilation, which also marks the longest on going series of the label. 12 exclusive tracks from old heroes and new stars that strike the full musical spectrum of Permanent Vacation from blissful percussive balearica, hypnotic house, fun loving disco to dubby affairs, emotion rich electronica and glistening cosmic. Being aware of the past, living in the present and rooted in the future.

Permanent Vacation 5 Various Artists
  • 1.Beesmunt Soundsystem - Yayang
  • 2.Sascha Funke - Kaleidoskop
  • 3.Julian Stetter - Pearl
  • 4.Perel - Angelika
  • 5.Musk - Cynic Games
  • 6.Davis - Fragments
  • 7.Chinaski - Die Hand Die Verletzt
  • 8.Chloe - Through The Bells
  • 9.Christian S - High Tide
  • 10.Personal Message - Nightmare in the Daylight
  • 11.Cooper Saver - Forest
  • 12.Maajo - Theme For The Lost World

Cat no: PERMVAC1802
Label: Permanent Vacation
Info correct on: 2/10/2018