Pedro The Lion


Double LP

The long awaited new album from Pedro The Lion, following on from Achilles Heal that was released 14 years before. A band that has been very influential, bringing another dose of their folk-indie fused with emo elements.

“I had abandoned my natural way of working in the hopes of creating space for a consistent band to write with… and it hadn’t worked. So I got a rehearsal space, mic’d up drums, bass, and guitar, and really leaned into my original process again. It immediately felt like home. Before long I realized it also felt like Pedro the Lion.”

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Pedro The Lion Phoenix
  • 1.Sunrise
  • 2.Yellow Bike
  • 3.Clean Up
  • 4.Powerful Taboo
  • 5.Model Homes
  • 6.Piano Bench
  • 7.Circle K
  • 8.Quietest Friend
  • 9.Tracing the Grid
  • 10.Black Canyon
  • 11.My Phoenix
  • 12.All Seeing Eye
  • 13.Leaving the Valley

Cat no: BSM244V
Label: Big Scary Monsters
Info correct on: 18/12/2018